Quality Pronunciation Tips

Quality Pronunciation Tips

Its pretty easy to sound nice. Say it right. Smile and let imagination take flight. Try "looking" at all C /Ca/Cha as a K as in 'Kay' and visualize this 'kay' elemnt when you say "katchit" or "karacter".  Its a process of visualization and that can impact intonation and add meaning to what yo say. There are some other tips like knowing when to pronounce 'x' as an {egg} and when to keep the 'x'  as a simple 'x'. Check out if 'x' is followed by a vowel and change the 'x-factor' into an egg. For example is a good "eggzample" and the experience is called expertise. When you mess it up then its called free entertainment ! If all this didn't make an impact "purse" your lips together, hold it tight for a microsecond and blow out the letter "explosive P" as in powerful, playful, payment , performance and perfect. If you like complications form the letter 'm' hum a little"imm" and gain immortality ! Example: Many, More, mericans, love Mom's Indian Curry. The letter  M is like preformed concrete. Think of it, close your lips, it gets sealed and exits nasally to form "more sense" I recommend you try it. Its not rocket science or yoga. Plain common sense can make you sound better. English is a language of many variations and the thrill is in the 'kill'. Figure that one out and feel liberated.


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